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Is Dr. Christian Jessen from supersize vs. superskinny gay?
He's a handsome man and he seems nice and understanding towards his patients. I've read stuff about him being gay, is it true?
yep he is openly gay and in a long term relationship
Mormons? i want to understand (gay marriage, coffee)?
I have lived in UT(where Mormonism is HUGE!) for 6 years now and i am not LDS and some of the explanations I get are very confusing (say lots of words but never answer my question) when I ask them a question respectfully to where it is like I still have to ask the question over again. it just goes round and round. I'm for the topics that are discussed in this (gay marriage and coffee) I am not trying to be disrespectful at all, I am just trying to understand. I have lots of Mormon friends especially because I live here. but i just want a straight answer and to not make it seem like a hassle when you are answering a question about your beliefs. (maybe i will become LDS one day, not really but still it would be nice to understand you better).

So I know that there is this thing with caffeine but supposedly its not really its about "hot drinks." to where they can not have anything that is harmful to the body and part of it is from caffeine. ok what I do not get is the explanation I get. I ask "why can you not have coffee?" they say "because it has caffeine and it is a hot drink." then I was like " then why not have it a decaff iced coffee or tea?" they say "just because its not healthy" or "Idk i was just taught like that". just so you know coffee is very healthy. it #1 for antioxidants and it can help you from preventing guyney stones and certain types of cancer. but in excess (more than 1 cup a day) can hurt you. and then when i say that to them they are like "well that does not make it seem that bad when you put it that way, but we say that to stay healthy and to not put unhealthy things in our bodies or put ourselves in harms way because our body is a temple." then i ask about McDonald's and all those other crazy things that are bad for them but yet they still go to them and doctors say you should never go to them ever in life. (according to the doctors in the documentary Supersize me). I understand that people should not use caffeine as a start in there day, but if you have it just as a drink you like just like lemonade would be why not be able to have it? So what's the real deal with coffee?

Gay Marriage-
I do not understand why they can not be married. unless it is God's word. that is the only way i can understand that. I would just like to know why with other things in the LDS religion's past they have changed their beliefs like polygamy is now against the beliefs other than in the after life in Heaven (other than obeying the law of the land) and interracial relationships were not allowed and religious leaders were not allowed to be black until the late 70's. Wouldn't God's word the first time be right? or can God be wrong? (i really am not trying to sound rude at all just trying to understand). So if you are supposed to obey the law of the land right? then if gay marriage was legalized would you not necessarily be ok with it but not try to fight the law?

Thank you for letting me understand and that you took they time to look at everything I wrote and you are not going to be one of my friends that are annoyed i am questioning their beliefs. i appreciate it.
We don't drink coffee or tea, but it was never about the caffeine. That's a common misconception. There's a LOT of crap in both coffee and tea (if you really want a list, email me), and they're just really bad for us. Of course a God who loves us would want us to avoid that which can cause unnecessary unhappiness, which is why we've been asked not to consume them (and since Mormons live at least three years longer than other faiths, there's obviously some merit to this even from a non-religious standing).

Hot drinks...when this was first given to us, coffee and tea were pretty much the only hot drinks around. Hot chocolate wasn't widely available, but later prophets have since clarified that hot drinks really only refer to coffee and tea. It doesn't matter if they're served hot or if they're iced or even in ice cream. We just don't consume anything with coffee or tea in any form.

Though I'm not trying to start an argument, I'd have to firmly disagree with the idea that coffee is healthy. Any nutritionist can tell you that, because while some types do contain antioxidants, that can't even remotely balance out the toxins or the addictive substances also in it. It's a bit like saying that drinking wine is good for the heart and ignoring the fact that it isn't good for the liver, or arguing that smoking helps with weight problems even as the lungs are turning into a blackened mess. Yes, coffee contains a few good things...but though you argue that it prevents certain types of cancer, it's known to cause others.

Besides, it's addictive. How many people are actually capable of keeping to just one cup a day? Any addiction detracts from our freedom, because it's all but impossible for someone to be open to the promptings and influence of God when all they're thinking about is their morning cup of coffee.

McDonald's isn't good for us, as anyone with any common sense knows...and that's also in our "health code," because along with being asked to avoid coffee and tea and alcohol, we're also cautioned to take everything in moderation. People who scarf McDonald's every day aren't doing that. No argument there.

You imply that coffee isn't any different than lemonade as long as it's not the start of our day, but does the time really make a difference? Coffee doesn't change no matter when it's consumed. It's still addictive, and lemonade isn't.

Gay Marriage-
"I do not understand why they can not be married. unless it is God's word."

It IS God's word, though. Ever read the Bible? God is very clear on this, calling it an abomination. I don't think there's any room for interpretation in that.

We don't condemn gay people. We all have friends and family members who are gay, and we love them. We just can't condone their lifestyle when it goes against God's will. God has a plan for us, and homosexuality thwarts that plan. Should we accept it anyway, just because the world would have us do so?

You obviously think gay marriage is acceptable, and that's your right. I'm not trying to convince you otherwise, but you do need to understand that we have just as much of a right to reject it.

Polygamy really doesn't have anything to do with homosexuality, does it? When early Mormons practiced polygamy, it wasn't illegal. And if you go back and read your Bible, many of the most famous prophets (Abraham, David, Solomon) practiced polygamy themselves. If it was against God, they couldn't have. I still don't see how this connects to homosexuality, because it's not like we're condemning gay marriage and then demanding the right to practice polygamy ourselves. We're not polygamists, and we're quite happy that way.

We don't have a problem with interracial relationships. We've never banned them, though America did for a long time. That was America, though, not us.

If gay marriage were legal, we still wouldn't perform gay marriages ourselves. That is also our right, because it would still be against our beliefs.
What is it about Christians in particular being against homosexuality?
Okay... I saw 30 Days, that TV show made by the guy who did the movie "Supersize Me". There was a lady who lived in Orange County who lived with a gay family, with two fathers and three or four adopted sons. She was against gays adopting guys, and she was really hypocritical. There was a part where the gay guys say, "In the process of you opposing us adopting guys, you step all over us?" And she, seriously, responded, "How am I stepping on you?" Well, that may be one of the most hypocritical statements I've ever heard.

When I think about it, when Christians disagree with homosexuality, it results in them looking stupid and hypocritical. What do you think?
Christians, can interpret the bible to say what ever they want it to say, for or against anything they want to be far or against, Most Christians I have met, seem to be very confident hating others, and then denying they are hating. But they can use this verse and that verse to justify their behavior and their hurtful words. Good luck on your search
16 year old HOME work out please?
Sup gentlemen and uh ladies,
I am a 16 year old guy, i turned 16 last year September and I am looking for a home workout routine. I should first start off with my height and weight. K well I'm a total noob in both of these areas. My height is 1.66cm and I weigh 48.2kg. Now the insanely gay thing is I eat a fair amount of food but it all goes to my stomach. So I'm insanely skinny
in my arms and legs and my stomach is pretty much just a pot belly. I really need your assistance people of in toning me up and hopefully gaining some muscle mass
. I have absolutely no idea where to start off, I can't really go to the gym so please recommend a "home workout routine" as mentioned before. I currently have these push up bar things in my room, some dumbbells and I am considering getting Max's supersize protein build shake. PLEASE HELP
I would recommend the P90X workout videos. they are great for beginners or advanced people. Comes with several dvds that target all parts of the body. I even find them quite fun. You will need some equipment but nothing really expensive, some dumbbells (different weight depending on how strong you are), a pull-up bar (not very expensive, easy to install), and like a chair. Check it out and see if its even your thing

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