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Are there any good websites for this??? Help?
Hello, I am trying to find websites that have teen girl models, in their clothes. When I try and search for these kinds of websites all I get Is porn. I don't want porn, I just want teenage models in their clothes. What are some of those websites? Thanks so much.
Google or Yahoo with Safesearch on.
Are there any volunteer places I can go to help guys in special need such as homework and activities?
Also any teen girl websites on modeling for free in New York. Also I am asking for somewhere in New York!
Yeah...in schools you can help little guys with disabilities this kinda stuff
Plus size teen modeling?
I'm an older teen and I was wondering how it get into plus size teen modeling?
I'm not plus size, just curvier. A lot of girls that model for plus size clothes aren't actually plus size. I AM curvier then the normal stick models.

Any websites or anything?
Thank you.
Size 8 IS NOT plus size in the modeling world. Most plus size models are size 12-14. Plus size is 42-32-42 measurements or larger, which I doubt you are if you are a size 8

You need to be 5'8" minimum for plus size modeling, though Ford, Wilhelmina and Click - the 3 largest agencies for plus size modeling, have a minimum height requirement of 5'9"
What teen modelling agencies would you recommend?
Hi, I am totally new to modelling, but lots of people said I could do it, so I signed up to some websites like diesel models, models direct ect. and they have all called back saying they're interested in me, but I have heard stories that they are scams. What is your experience with these agencies, and what other agencies would you recommend for me? I'm 15 years old, a girl, a UK size 10, and I'm 5"8.
As you live in London, I would recommend MODEL ADVICE, they provide excellent consultancy to young and new models. Model Advice is one of the renown modelling consultant in London.


All The Best, Good Luck
Kitty-model, check the website, is it illegal?
well, i just got this new kitten and it's sooooo adorable, so i was looking for some kitty modeling websites to trry and get my kitty into modeling for like calenders and stuff. So i went to google and typed in kitty model, so then i clicked on the first website that came up. Turned out it had a whole bunch of like little pre-teen girls(10-14) trying to pose seduct
Sadly, it is legal. It's not sexual (somehow), but pedos still get off on it.
How disturbing is this to everybody?
Alright.. everyone knows guy pornography is illegal and everyone hates it and it is so disgusting, but what about some of those teen and age modeling sites depicting young girls (under 17) in skimpy bikinis posing suggestively, or on top of another young female and they are both smiling, or pre-teens all over each other in a bath tub, or all soapy and clinging to each other.

Another example is a picture of a girl standing up and her shirt is up to her chest area, showing her tummy and wearing short shorts, or another picture of a pre-teen with a towel covering her nude body so they are not showing her breasts or vagina. Those kind of things make me wonder.. are some guy/pre-teen/teen modeling websites the legal version of guy pornography? Are they getting away with more then we notice?

All of these sites have a legal notice. And they are all similar in what they say. "All the content found on (site name) does not contain any nudity or sexually explicit material. All content is artistic, non-nude and all images have been checked to assure appropriateness for appearance on this site."

Little by little, they will be bridging the gap between guy porn and guy modeling. It will take a while, but thats the plan, don't let people notice, one year a pre-teen model is waving at a camera on a beach in a bikini.

People will say "Thats fine, the picture looks nice." The next year, it will be a different model on a beach with her finger in her mouth
"Oh, so cute" The next year a model on a beach with a smaller bikini

And the next year, less bikini more skin, more suggestive, but hey! It is not sexual, she isn't nude or having intercourse, so we can't be sued! Maybe I am crazy for thinking this but I want your opinions.. any thoughts on this issue?
i read this whole thing and i agree with you. These sites could very well be the a legalized form of guy porn. its just disgusting how they get away with this.
What are some fashion dressup website for teen girls?
Hey i'm 13 and i still want to go on fashion website that yoiu can dress up a little model! Well if you know any good websites tell me please and do you think i'm weird for asking this ?
Roiworld(my fave)
What are some good website where you can dress up a model that you create?
What are some good websites where you can creat a model and then buy clothes or design them? something similar to stardoll.com i guess? thanks

I mean like a girl's website or teen website where you can create your own model and choose from a bunch of hair and stuff and create designs and buy clothes something like stardoll.com


They both lead to to other links where you can dress up the models. But they have alot to chose from.
i want to be a model really bad but i don't know how to start. does anyone know of any auditions for teen girls to become a model? or any advice or websites to help me get started? thnx, all my love
Try modelmayhem.com
How can I get involved in teen alternative modeling???
Hello, I'm a 15 year old girl currently living in north-east Ohio. I have always wanted to do modeling. ^_^ I've heard of Ford's Models, and I'd rather do something with more alternative clothing. Some of my favorite companies are Lip Service, Morbid Threads, Tripp, and Hot Topic. But where can I send an application to? Does anyone know any websites or organizations that can help me get where I wanna go? Thanks =D
wow sound like the person who said get rid of hot topic is some preppy girl, but u can go to system armed and that will help or im not sure but u can go on americas next goth model haha jk and thats all my advice for u, good luck and since i dont know u, ill look for u on the big screen

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