How to Make a Sexy Girl Like Hot

I firmly believe that you are experiencing a similar experience that I had earlier. Your lady lost her interest in having sex with you, totally different from when the two of you were once together. There is no chemistry or sparks when you’re having sex. It is hard to find that she orgasms, or maybe she has never orgasmic at all.

Why does this occur?

It has loads of factors that can cause this problem; I can’t ascertain for you. However, there’s a significant reason that most people are facing the lack of sex positions that could stimulate sexual stimulation. Great sex positions are very crucial in our sexual life. By using not only one or two but various right sex positions will surely increase your lovemaking experience.

However, it’s widespread that some individuals are limited to a few sex positions without paying some attempt to secure best sex positions. Here are the best sex positions that bring you erotic and feeling to your bedroom:

1) Enriched Missionary Position:

Fine-tune the typical missionary position. Spread her leg wide open from the air while she lay on the mattress. Knee between her legs and put in her slowly in the beginning. Check netvideogirls anne her reaction and begin to increase the rate of penetration. Fondle her clitoris or breast if it is needed. Kiss her when entering her; this will create more pressure on her and thus more sensual pleasure.


2) Leapfrog Position:

This is another form of doggy style that is widely adored by many couples. The difference of leapfrog position compared to doggy style is that the girl is kneeling on the mattress while netvideogirls anne hands are leaning on the bed. It is optional that you open or close the leg. While completing the girl’s leg will provide more friction when penetrating and hence more sexual enjoyment. Moreover, it will restrict the penetration depth; some girls do not enjoy deep penetration due to pain.

3) Cowgirl Position:

This is welcomed by a netvideogirls anne , and it will be almost effortless for you to make her climax. Why so? It’s because this best sex position would be to let a girl sit or riding on you while having sex. Most of the time, this position permits the girl to take full control; physically, she is in a place to control the penetration rate, direction and depth; emotionally, this may let her possess the sensation of dominating over you and hence it will be easier for her to orgasm. It’s possible to fondle her breast or caress her thigh or anywhere. If allowed, you can make it even more exciting by moving your hip and restrain the penetration.